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Australian Youth Climate Coalition

Branding and communication

I was AYCC's in-house Multimedia Designer for four years working with many project and campaign leads to develop creative and strategic communications at the highest standard possible, within time and budget constraints. In my final year I conducted a year-long consultation with volunteers, members, staff, friends of the climate movement and the board to rebrand. We were really careful to avoid any “tada, this is your new brand” moments and valued all the feedback we received. 

I’m most proud of finding open-source fonts to make the brand accessible for all to use. The greatest challenge was the sub-branding. In the past AYCC tended to create a new brand look and feel for every campaign. We also needed the brand identity to belong when working in alliance with other organisations.

The new AYCC identity sunburst represents an inspiring network of young people from 8 branches around Australia, creating a brighter future powered by the wind and sun.

This video was a collaboration with GoodChat
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