Three qualities of a well produced piece of content

1. Makes an impact

A story is only as good as the impact it creates. Well produced content is relevant and establishes connection with the audience. For example, a video could have Hollywood level cinematography but if it fails to establish connection or empathy, it will fail to shift audience perceptions or build capacity and inspire policy change. Humour & wit, pop culture or a simple human truth are core to well produced content.

2. Offers shared values and a call to action

For content covering environmental problems and solutions with the aim of reaching new audiences it needs to offer shared values, for example clean air or a love for music. Successful environmental content often ends with a shared vision of the future and a compelling call to action because it’s not enough that the audience just be inspired, angered or entertained. Well produced content compels people to act.

3. Communicates a key message

Content is in competition for audience attention, so it’s critical to present a compelling key message that’s memorable and shareable. Well produced content is very clear and deliberate to avoid information overload, hence why so much social media content is short and targeted.